Rental Terms and Conditions

House Rules

  • NO SMOKING INSIDE THE PROPERTY –This is a smoke-free property. Smoking is only permitted outside and cigarette butts should be disposed of properly and not thrown on the ground
  • NO HOUSE PARTIES – Home is for use by the number of people authorized in your Property Rental Agreement only. 
  • Occupany Guests-  No more than the apporiate number is not allowed at the property unless approved by the Manager


  • Door codes will be emailed to you one week prior to arrival
  • Please see Arrival Instructions for Parking Pass information. 


  • All furniture should be returned to its original location. Failure to leave furniture in original location will result in an additional charge.
  • Please set tempature back to 72 degrees when departing the property.
  • Take out all trash to Outside Bins or thrown down Trash Chute
  • Remove and dispose of all food items from refrigerator and pantry/cabinets.
  • Place dishes, utensils, etc. in dishwasher and turn it on when you depart.
  • Double check your rental for any personal belongings we are not responsible to mail any items back to you.
  • Put key(s) back in the lock box, leaving both doorknob and deadbolts locked.  Leave extra set of keys on the kitchen counter. 

Hurricane Season Rental Policies

The “Official Hurricane Season” runs for the six months from June 1st through November 30th each year.  Historically, most of the hurricanes in the months of August and September, but hurricanes can form at any time of the year. As a visitor to a Gulf Coast community, you need to be aware of the possibility of hurricanes and how they may affect your travel plans.  So, if a hurricane does threaten us, here is what you need to know about your reservation.

First and foremost, if a Mandatory Evacuation is ordered by Emergency Management Agencies, you must vacate the property you are renting. Staying in the rental unit is not an option!

The key event relating to weather upon which all reservation policies are affected is when Emergency Management Officials order a Mandatory Evacuation.  Until a Mandatory Evacuation is ordered, all reservation policies as stated on your Rental Agreement remain in effect.  No rate adjustments or refunds in part or in full will be issued due to inclement weather or for “Severe Weather Alerts”, “Tropical Storm Watches”, or a “Voluntary Evacuation”.

  • If a Mandatory Evacuation is ordered, and not lifted, prior to your initial occupancy date, the owner will allow reservations and dates coinciding with the dates of the Mandatory Evacuation to be cancelled and will refund all funds collected.  Or, you may reschedule your reservation for different dates without penalty or shorten an existing the reservation at a prorated charge.
  •  If a Mandatory Evacuation is ordered following occupancy, the owner will refund that portion of the Rental Price for the period that the unit could not be occupied. The owner will refund the portion of Rental Price for the days you were required to evacuate the area.  This policy is consistent with insurance industry Trip Interruption and Cancellation Coverage.
  • If, as a result of a hurricane, the property you have reserved is no longer in satisfactory rental condition is such that your stay would be adversely affected, we will allow you to reschedule your reservation without penalty or cancel your reservation with a full refund of all funds collected.
  • We understand that some people do not want to take the risk of proceeding with their plans when there is even the possibility of a hurricane impacting the Gulf Coast, therefore, if the National Weather Service/NOAA predicts that the rental property is in the possibility of a hurricane and you wish to cancel your reservation we will allow you to either:
  1. Reschedule your reservation within one (1) year of your cancellation with no penalty or
  2. Cancel your reservation in accordance with the terms of the Rental Lease Agreement.

When will I receive my check-in information

As long as your rental agreement is signed and returned, you will get your arrival instructions 1 week prior to arrival.